My Certifications and Qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Computing in Software Development

Atlantic Technological University GPA: First Class Honours (1.1) QQI Level 8 2022
My experience at ATU taught me skills related to, but not limited to, building full-stack mobile and web applications using modern technologies, such as React, Flutter, Angular and much more.

I am well-versed building web APIs using server-side Node environments and libraries, such as Express and NestJS. I am also familiar with MVC frameworks (Spring, AngularJS, ASP.NET), designing relational databases and deploying of web applications in containerized context.
My time at ATU has helped me develop and polish my skills further, enriching me with many new academic connections and general software development knowledge.

Advanced Certificate in Software Development

Galway Technical Institute QQI Level 6 2018
My first stepping stone towards fullfilling of my ambition of becoming a Software Developer. My experience at GTI has been extremely valuable to me, as it exposed me to the basic principles and concepts of Software Development, which was a basis for my learning for the years to follow.
My learning experience at GTI covered basic OOP principles, IT Professional skills, database design and various other modules contributed the base knowledge to many of my current skills that I possess.


What I am especially proud of!

Flutter Mobile Application - Guardian Tracker

University Dissertation Project, April 2022

Designed and developed from ground-up a Flutter application, allowing users to create location-tracking sessions for their friends to follow their location updates on the map.

Designed and set-up a Firebase Backend service and implemented it as the business-logic processor for the Flutter app to consume.
In addition, I've developed a stand-alone .NET Web REST API intended to act as a PDF-creating micro-service meant to go along with the application. The API is functional, however it is not deployed.

Garry's Mod Premium Scripts

2016 - 2020

I used to offer my freelance and product services on a marketplace, providing quality game assets and premium customer support experience.
To this day, I have served over 500 individual customers, and my custom content has been experienced by thousands of different players throughout the garry's mod community.

Monolith Servers Thriving Ventures

2018 - Current

Monolith Servers is a network of game-servers providing unique game content on the Garry's Mod platform.
My role at Monolith revolves around creating custom game assets and systems for the game server using a Lua embedded language and various other languages and technologies.


May, 2021

Aetherum is an Unity platforming game with procedural generation elements - Rapidly developed as my university deliverable, it was very well received by my colleagues.

EXIF Stripping Website

March, 2021

A React app that reads EXIF information off the photos and displays them back to the user, with the ability to strip the information off the photos.

Experience & Skills

Frameworks, languages and other skills

Frameworks & Technologies

React, React Redux, Next.js, Ionic, Angular, Spring MVC, Express, Node, Unity, MySQL, MongoDB


Lua, C#, Java, JavaScript (and Typescript), SQL, HTML5, CSS

Other Skills

Teamwork, Agile & Waterfall, Scrum, CI/CD, Version Control (Git), Computer Building, Relational Database Schema Design

Contact Me

[email protected] or via social media in the header

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